Platycerium Ridleyi


Pronounce as (rid-lee-eye)
It is the smallest Platycerium that reproduces only by spores rarely reaching a meter across. It is named for J. Ridley author of “Ferns of the Malay Peninsula”. In the Malay Peninsula there are three species of epiphytes from Platycerium.

Species found here are the :-
Central Peninsula -up north – P. coronarium
Southern Peninsula – P. ridleyi
Northern Peninsula – P. wallichi

Some collections of P.ridleyi had being made in the riversides in Johore.
It had also being seen along the East Coast states of Pahang and Trenggannu.
P.ridleyi, a platycerium that remains fairly small and produces no pups, the natural lifespan of the plant could be between 10 and 15 years.

Below are two pictures of P.Ridleyi grown from spores from a nursery in Thailand.

picture credit: Joseph

picture credit: Joseph

Picture credit: Joseph

Picture credit: Joseph


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