TROPICAL LEAF-FLOWER (Phyllanthus pulcher)

Common name: Kelurut tanjong, naga buana, semelit patong (Malaysia)
Botanical name: Phyllanthus pulcher
Family : Euphorbiaceae

A monoecious, small shrub up to 1.5m tall. Phyllanthus pulcher may be locally common and is found as an invasive plant in old forest clearings, or as a weed in fruitgardens and along rivers, but also scattered in evergreen forest, up to 700m altitude.(Malaysia)

Uses: Eyewash, boils, gum boils, swellings, itch, ulcerations, fever, kidney stone, gumdisorders, tooth ache, stomach ache (Malaysia)

Method to use :

1. Solution from leaf of phyllanthus pulcher can be use to ease toothaches.

2. Relief pains from burns.

3. Lowers body temperature (best to use when having high fever)


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