Ekor Tupai (Justica betonica)

Justicia betonica
Family: Acanthaceae
White Shrimp plant, Squirrel Tail, Paper Plume, Ekor Tupai.
Origin: South Africa

A beautiful shrimp plant. Very floriferous plant producing in abundance erect white bracts with a green netting pattern, it’s flowers start out white then turn to pink with age, giving a beautiful contrast. A free branching upright shrub, producing a very attractive tropical inflorescence throughout winther-spring of erect heads of 6” white bracts with pink flowers. Note the conspicuous bracts, the strongly two-lipped corollas, and the didynamous stamens. Height 4’to 5’ can be pruned to shape and size. Prefers rich soil and good drainage.

J.betonica is used in the treatment of various gastrointestinal complaints. The plant part that are used are the roots, leaves and flowers. In India it is used in the treatment of diarrhoea. In Ethopia it is used to treat snakebites in their cattle. And application of flower ash and leaves combination is used as a cough remedy in Kenya.


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