PURPLE VELVET PLANT (Gynura pseudochina, DC . var.hispida)

Common name: Sambung nyawa batik
Scientific name: Gynura pseudochina, DC . var.hispida
Family: Compositae (Asteraceae)

Botanic Feature

* Gynura pseudochina is short-cycled plant with big roots. The trunk is well-rounded with water shape, creeping along the ground. There are soft and short hair covered around. The leaves are single and lie around the trunk. The shape is spears and wide 2.5-8 cms and long 6-30 cms. The rim of leaves are curved. And ack of leaves are dark – purple, covered with hair and the lines are green and the body of leaves are also green – gray. The blossoms bloom in bunch at the end. The petal is golden-yellow and the fruit is dry. The fresh leaves and heads are under the ground

Property : Reduces skin inflammation, caused by insect stings, cures scabies


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