JASMINE (Jasminum Sambac (L.) Ait.)

Common name: Melur, Melati
Scientific name: Jasminum Sambac (L.) Ait.

Flower ~
Food: sauces, condiments, spices, flavourings
Medicines: pain-killers
Phytochemistry: aromatic substances
Products: household, domestic and personal items
Social: ceremonial
Leaf Medicines: cutaneous, subcutaneous parasitic infection; fabrifuges; skin, mucosae

Jasmine sambac has a long history of use as a chief remedy for male and female reproductive conditions, is said to help prevent Post Natal Depression and infertility and is ranked among the ‘aphrodisiac’ herbs. It has a calming and sedative effect on the nervous system and is especially beneficial in conditions caused by psychological stress and imbalance.

The action of Jasmine is warming, opening, and relieving of spasm. It is indicated where there is cold, listlessness, spasm, depression, catarrh or other discharge. Jasmine sambac is very useful as an anti-depressant giving optimism and confidence, producing a feeling of euphoria and helps overcome apathy and listlessness.
Magical Usage : Of Venus for its scent and alleged aphrodisiac qualities, the jasmine has small, unremarkable flowers that pack a powerful, luscious scent when newly open. These are the dried, half-open flowers from China; they have a delicate, sweet, summery scent. They are not preserved with sulfur and so are a soft orangeish color. These are food-grade flowers and are great for jasmine tea and for love magick.


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