sui kwai chou (Cyanotis beddomei (Hook.f.) Govaerts


Commonly known as Teddy Bear Plant, is a species in the genus Cyanotis which contains 49 species and belongs to the family of the Commelinaceae (Spiderwort Family). It is a perennial which grow to a height of approximately 0,15 meters.Cyanotis beddomei is an evergreen plant with simple leaves. The leaves are arranged opposite one another. They are lanceolate with entire margins. The flowers are salverform and pink. The flowers are arranged in cymes.

Cyanotis beddomei is native to India. It prefers a sunny site and can withstand temperatures down to -6,6º C. It grows best in sandy-gritty soil that is dry.

In tropical Asia, people use the sap from the leaves of Floscopa to treat eyes inflammation.


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