SAWTOOTH CORIANDER (Eryngium foetidum )

Common name: Peniti ego/Ketumbar Java, culantro, Mexican coriander, long coriander, Chinese name, 刺芫荽 (ci yan sui),Daun sup (Iban, Bidayuh), Udu muduk (Kelabit), Chicoria, Escorzonera, False Coriander, Fit Bush, Fit Weed, Herbe a Fer, Herbe Puante, Jia Yuan Quian,

Scientific name :Eryngium foetidum
Family : Apiceae
Usage :
Culinary :Fresh leaves is mixed with other salad to be eaten with rice to add flavour and appetite. Normally is used by the Chinese to substitute for Daun sup. Makes great coriander soup.

Traditional medical usage : combat fevers, stimulate appetite, improve digestion, combat colic, soothe stomach pains, and as an aphrodisiac. If you happen to be stung by a Scorpion the root of Eryngium Foetidum can be eaten raw to relieve the inflammation.


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