Kacip Fatimah (male plant)

Heavy shade, at least 60%, high soil humidity and no water logging are the most critical environmental conditions in Kacip Fatimah (Labisia pumila) cultivation. A preliminary study was conducted to cultivate Kacip Fatimah under a shade house. The house was made of simple hardwood or steel structural frame, open side wall and polyethylene shade net roofing. A micro sprinkler system was installed under the roof to irrigate the plants. There are various light transmissions of shade nets available for the specific plant requirements. The in-house environment was designed for 60-70% shade, 70-80% relative humidity and 25-30�C air temperature. Kacip Fatimah was grown on a nursery bed which consisted of a mixture of coco peat, top soil and chicken dung under the shade house. A control plot without irrigation system was located under the nearby thinned jungle that measured 50-70% shade, 70-80% relative humidity and 25-32�C air temperature. After 10 months of growth the plants under shade house produced 160 g per plant (22.1 ton ha-1) fresh weight as compared to only 71 g per plant (9.8 ton ha-1) under thinned jungle. Since Kacip Fatimah is in great demand of herbal industry, it will become a high value crop in the near future, and therefore its cultivation under controlled environment is highly recommended.




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