Kacip Fatimah (female plant)

Common name: Akar Fatimah, Bunga Belangkas Hutan, Hati Fatimah, Kunci Fatimah, Pokok Pinggang, rumput Palis, rumput Siti Fatimah, Selusuh Fatimah, Tadah Matahari.
Scientific name: Labisia pumila (Bl.) Bth. & Hook. (=Labisia Pothoina Lindl.
kacip fatimah
Sumatra, Malaya, Java, Borneo. Decoction of plant use to fortify women before labour and after childbirth, treats flatulence and irregular menses. Leaf decoction drunk for dysentery.

What is Kacip Fatimah?
Kacip Fatimah is scientifically known as Labisia pothoina. It is perhaps one of the most sought after female tonic herb taken from the Malaysian rainforest. The Malay women have been using it for many generations to induce and facilitate childbirth as well as a post-partum medicine (Burkill, 1935). It is also well known to offer numerous other benefits for personal hygiene and well-being of women not only after delivery but even in everyday life.

The 9 benefits of Kacip Fatimah

1. Increases libido and treat female ailments relating to the reproductive system and well-being.

2. It is anti-dysmenorrhoea which helps in cleansing and avoiding difficult and painful menstruation.

3. Used effectively to treat disorders in the reproductive system like dysentery and gonorrhoea.

4. It helps balance your hormones and overcome postnatal depression such as loss of interest in intimacy as well as promotes strength and vitality to improve intimacy.

5. Helps to firm and tone the abdominal muscles making you look slimmer.

6. It is anti-flatulence which helps in eliminating excessive gas in the body.

7. It boosts your body resistance and thereby helps to relieve cold.

8. It improves blood circulation and therefore relieves rheumatic pains in joints and muscles.

9. It has also been known to overcome constipation and restore damaged hair, besides a whole lot of other benefits.

Extra care for pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. Because of its cleansing effect this herb is not suitable for pregnant women or women who plan to breastfeed their babies.



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