Nipple plant (Solanum Mammosum L.)

Common name: Terung Susu, Terung Tetek Kambing, Terung Belanda, apple of Sodom,
Scientific name: Solanum Mammosum L.
Family: solanaceae (nightshade family).
Terung susu kambing (Solanum mammosum)


This plant is an erect tropical shrub growing up to 4′ tall.
The deeply lobed leaves have long spikes on its surface; the flowers are white to violet.
The fruit is a round yellow berry with numerous brownish-red seeds in it.
3-5″ bright yellow orange fruit grown as an ornamental, for its odd shape. Fruits are poisonous if ingested.
Medicinal : treatments, from athlete’s foot to irritability and restlessness, and is sometimes used as a detergent. Malay’s used the fruit by boiling in water and eaten to treat high blood pressure, diabetes and jaundice.


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